HoHoKam Park came to life in 1977, when Rendezvous Park was deemed too simple for professional Major League Baseball training. The HoHoKams built this new facility a mile north of Rendezvous Park which was more "modern" and had more amenities. Rendezvous Park was more of just a simple seating bowl surrounding a ballfield. As you can see however, HoHoKam Park wasn't exactly a testament to the today's modern Spring Training Ballpark either. It was as you can see, also just a simple
   seating bowl… but bigger and with a press box finally. The players had better facilities… with proper locker rooms and showers. Still… in comparison to the monstrous HoHoKam Stadium which seats nearly 13,000… HoHoKam Park looked nothing like the stadium it would evolve into when it was rebuilt 20 years later.