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Phoenix Municipal Stadium I

Former Home of the Phoenix Stars
Phoenix Senators
Phoenix Giants

Former Spring Home
of the
New York Giants
New York Yankees

The creation of Phoenix Municipal Stadium in 1947 meant professional baseball would finally be returning to the city of Phoenix for the first time in 15 years. Pro ball had previously called Riverside Park home, but when the Arizona-Texas League shut down operations during the depression, it left the park abandoned. The Az-Tex League would return in 1937 but by then, Riverside Park was no longer in the circuit. After the Az-Tex league suspended operations for the war, they would return in 1947 just as the city was building the new Phoenix Municipal Stadium for their purpose. Pro ball could finally return to the city in the form of the "Phoenix Senators". They would also have some great rivalries as Tucson, Globe-Miami (AZ) and Bisbee joined the league from Arizona with El Paso being the lone Texas team and Juarez Mexico's Estadio Carta Blanca being the 6th team. The Juarez Indios however would move to the Phoenix metro area's Mesa Rendezvous Park, mid season. Phoenix Municipal Stadium's new "Phoenix Senators" would be a Class C franchise and despite the league holding several affiliations, the Senators would play this stretch as a co-op team. Phoenix Municipal was also back in the hunt for a Major League franchise to call Phoenix Municipal, their spring home. By 1948 they had found that franchise in the form of the San Francisco Giants who would make Phoenix Municipal Stadium their training grounds every March from 1948 until 1964, with the exception of one season 1951 when the New York Yankees would take over this field.