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Southwest University Park - El Paso Texas - Home of the El Paso Chihuahuas (Triple-A San Diego Padres)

This week we celebrate a triumph in El Paso. The new "SUP" is one of the most spectacular ballparks we've seen to date and we honor it by naming it our 2014 Digitalballparks Ballpark of the Year Award.

We are also for the first time ever... showing the ballpark in a higher resolution than any other gallery. This is just a one time thing for now but we do hope you enjoy it. As we also try to recover from server failure and a complete rebuild of everything from scratch, we are also creating our first indexes that are now fully compatible to ... Smart TVs, Kindles, iPhones and hopefully every possible web browser. The new
Texas League and Pacific Coast League indexes are the first fully functional indexes to be be properly formatted for just about any application or web searcher or device you can find (as long as it's not zoomed above or below 100%).

So we welcome you at the all-new to take a look through our 3 dozen page gallery at what may be one of the best ballparks we've ever seen at any level. And would you believe it's a HOK/Populous ballpark no less?! They've gone and something truly creative here. Congratulations Chihuahuas!

Stephen Carroll's
El Paso Texas

Stephen Carroll brings to digitalballparks  another fantastic gallery of a ballpark now long gone. The Dudley Dome hosted professional El Paso Baseball for 75 years including El Paso Sun Kings and Diablos.
We are getting a little further along in rebuilding our server and are finally able to bring you another update. Soon, updates should be continuing on as they always have in the past and yes we do intend to bring you new ballpark galleries all winter long!