Professional Baseball came to the corner of Michigan Avenue and Ferry Street all the way back in 1889 and would remain on this corner for the next 71 years. A baseball diamond was created and a makeshift wooden grandstand was built around it. The poorly built structure would go through several incarnations including several "run-in's" with fire and vandalism and needed to be rebuilt several times over. After a fire in the late 1890's the stadium was rebuilt to look like it does in this 1901 team photograph. The ballpark known as "Olympic Park" or "Buffalo Baseball Park" kept going through major changes and managed over the years to get better in both quality and purpose. A young redhead by the name of Billy Clymer joined the club in 1897 and would play on and off with the team for several years until becoming their manager (also on and off for several years)... coming and going with the franchise until 1930 and helping them win a Championship.