Silver Cross Field                                       BUILT: 2002
Joliet Illinois
Joliet Jackhammers
Northern League
Eric and Wendy Pastore
Though Silver Cross Field has been labeled as a "retro ballpark"... we think it is anything but. This ballpark is as novel and interesting as anything we've ever come across. A ballpark we hope will perhaps, usher in a brand new era of ballpark creation. Silver Cross Field is located on the outskirts of the "Chicagoland" area, approximately 40 miles southwest of Chicago and about an hour away from downtown (or 2 1/2 days during rush hour). For those of you who need realtime landmarks... the stadium is 45 miles from Wrigley and 41 miles from U.S. Cellular Field. Like U.S. Cellular Field... the ballpark is basically colorless. It is essentially a black ballpark. This would normally arouse quite a bit of complaints from us. Usually, colorless = dull. That is absolutely not the case here. With it's wrought iron decor we think Silver Cross Field is sharp and striking. It's a contrast that truly brings something new to the table. You can call this "retro" all you want. We think that Silver Cross Field bucks the typical retro trend (typical being an understatement) and finally brings us towards the new, modern American Stadium. Silver Cross Field is downright exciting.
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