The new franchise would be dubbed the Sumter Flyers and they would become members of the  Montreal Expos farm system. With the move came Montreal's fertile Minor League talent pool and two more future impact players to Riley Field. The most notable was Rondell White. At 19 years old, Rondell would flex some muscle leading the team in power with 23 2B, 13 HR and a .262 average, all while stealing 50 bases. White would go on to break the 20 HR mark 3 times in his career and become one of the most consistent All-Star hitters in the MLB. White would team up with another 19 year old named Shane Andrews who wasn't quite ready for primetime batting only .208 with 16 2B and 11 HR. On the mound was an equal amount of talent as Carlos Perez (2-2, 2.44), Gabe White (6-9, 3.26), Taro Alvarez (12-10, 3.24), Kevin Foster (10-4, 2.74) and Kirk Rueter (3-1, 1.33) were just some of the 9 future Major Leaguers to pitch in the rotation and bullpen. Carlos Perez would be the most successful, making the All-Star team in 1995, thus becoming the 11th future MLB All-Star produced by Riley Park.