Katy Park was one of the most famed ballparks in history. Built back around 1905 (though some have it listed as far back as 1889), it had long been one of the eldest and certainly one of the most storied. Katy Park's history however, wouldn't be defined so much by the great teams that played here, the future All-Stars who would grace its ballfield or by the two Major League teams which would call this their Spring Training home in the early 20th century… instead it would be defined as ground zero for one of the greatest natural disasters that have ever taken place on this planet. This is actually a photograph of Katy Park II in 1954… Nearly identical to Katy Park I as it had to be rebuilt. In 1953, something ominous was to come for Waco Texas that would change the life of everyone who had lived here … and take the lives of 114 others.