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These are some of the most important and significant amateur fields in the nation including the College World Series ballparks past and present as well as the Little League World Series Past and Present. Also we look at the Minnesota Town Ball stadiums, some stunning WPA ballparks and some unusual and beautiful ballparks that never got to see professional baseball but are some of the best in the world...
TD Trademark Park
Omaha Nebraska
Since: 2011
Millington Tennessee
Training for USA Olympic Team
Original LL World Series Ballpark
Williamsport Pennsylvania
UNTIL: 1958

This incredibly beautiful million dollar ballpark is a memorial to the young local boy "David Allen" who dreamed of becoming a pro ball player but left this earth before he ever got the chance
Elk City Oklahoma

The only stadium in the world to be built completely out of red rock... this home to the famed barnstorming Elk City Elks... an amateur ballclub which has been around for over half a century. Amazing that this place never saw pro ball...
MLB Exhibition Games
Cooperstown New York
Doc Moonlight Graham
Since: 1938

Athletic Park
Chaska Cubs
Since: 1950
The Mini Met
Jordan Brewers / Ale'rs
Since: 1935
Horror Author Steven King's personal "pro style" baseball stadium built into his back yard as a home for youth and amateur ball for the residents of Bangor Maine to use. 

Al Nyberg Field
Minnesota Skeeters
Since: ????
Miles City Montana

A stunning WPA ballpark tucked into the eastern plains of Montana. Denton Field probably was intended to be a professional baseball stadium, but pro ball never came this far east so this stunning place has been amateur ever since
Rosenblatt Stadium
Omaha Nebraska
Until 2010 (Demolished)
Volunteer Park
Williamsport Pennsylvania
Since: 2011
Lamade Stadium
Williamsport Pennsylvania
Since: 1959
NCAA DIVISION I College World Series Stadiums (Past & Present)
Little League World Series Stadiums (Past located below)
Little League World Series
Original Ballpark before Lamade
Notable Amateur Baseball Parks:
NJCAA College World Series
TEAM USA Olympic Training 1986-1996
Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Exhibition Game
Minnesota Town Ball League Ballparks - Amateur League - No Affiliations - In Minnesota, there are the Townball Leagues where baseball is played in magnificent old wooden & stone ballparks spread throughout the land from the early 20th century.
Other Notable Amateur and youth ballparks from around the world...
Breda Iowa

Is it a log cabin or a ballpark? This lovely stadium hidden in the little town of Breda Iowa is home to the American Legion who are lucky enough to play in one of the prettiest parks we've ever seen. 
Other Notable Amateur WPA and 1950's era Ballparks..
Limeport Pennyslvania

A Mini version of Connie Mack Stadium built in the 1930's with a terrifying Centerfield which rises up nearly a full story high.
Marblehead Massachusetts

One of the oldest ballparks in the entire world, this grandstand supposedly dates back to 1910 and there are plenty of rumors that Babe Ruth played here often with the Boston Red Sox in exhibition.
Kingfisher Oklahoma

This completely wooden ballpark is a time machine. Stepping into it takes you back to the earliest days of ballpark design. Though it never saw pro ball, it stands as a perfect specimen of early 20th century basebal architecture.
Akron Ohio

One of the last remaining "industry league ballparks" left in the world, this ballpark built in 1925, by Harry S. Firestone for the "tire league". Has recently served as home for Team USA Softball as well as the Racers pro softball team
Ft. Dodge Iowa

An amazing ballpark built by the late great baseball man Jerry Patterson. This ballpark was designed to bring a more "minor league" feel to the youth leagues and get them very excited about the game of baseball. 
Carroll Iowa

A ballpark which seemingly had to be built for professional ball in 1949, never came to pass. Instead this stunning mint condition ballpark, which looks like it just opened takes us back in time to the late 40's . 
Bowling on the Green, Virginia

Horror Author Steven King's personal "pro style" baseball stadium built into his back yard as a home for youth and amateur ball for the residents of Bangor Maine to use. 
HELFAER FIELD (The Mini Miller)
Milwaukee Wisconsin

This mini version of the Brewers "Miller Field" is built on the grounds of Milwaukee's beloved Major League team. With amazing views of the stadium, this youth park sets a young man's sights exactly on what he can one day achieve. 
Moxville North Carolina

Mando Field is a small ballpark built in North Carolina. It is relatively small, seating only about 400-500 but shows just how lovely and ornate a modern day amateur park can be and is hopefully where amateur design is going.... 
Mitchell South Dakota

Cadwell Park is the biggest "amateur tournament" home in South Dakota... home to the South Dakota Amateur State Tournament every season.