Kansas City Municipal Stadium

Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City Athletics
Norm Siebern was the only player with notable statistics batting .296 with 36 2Bs and 18 HRs. Dick Howser also batted .280 while stealing 37 bases. Jim Archer pitched his way to a 3.20 ERA which would mean 16-20 wins on most teams but that garnered him a 9-15 record here in K.C. Attendance dropped to 683,000 and Chuck Finley tried unsuccsesfully to move the team to Milwaukee. Now fully in charge of his team and showing that he wasn't going to work with the Yankees anymore, Finley began to show what a difference he would make to his ballclub now that he was "in charge"... so much so that his G.M. was more of a puppet than anythng. The results were clear... the Athletics were now... a 90 loss ballclub. Nothing much changed at all. Norm Siebern continued to be the team's best player as he hit 25 2Bs, 25 HRs, 117 RBIs and batted .308. Ed Charles hit 24 2Bs, 17 HRs and batted .288. Pitching included Orlando Pena (6-4, 3.01), Dave Wickersham (11-4, 4.17) and Diego Segui (6-4, 3.86) but also included Dan Pfister (4-14, 4.54), Bill Fischer (4-12, 3.95) and Jerry Walker (8-9, 5.90).