Welcome to Seahawk Stadium
Aka Stroud Park
…located In Port Arthur Texas…
Former Home of the Port Arthur Sea Hawks / Chieftans / Redlegs!
Seahawk Stadium was a beautiful new ballpark built in 1950 with a capacity of 4,800 designed to replace old Legion Stadium at Pioneer Park by 17th Street near 8th Avenue, where the former Port Arthur Tarpons used to play *Gord Brown SABR.  The new stadium was designed to keep professional baseball in this town for decades to come. Despite the quality of the new ballpark, it was not meant to be as the advent of Television would in a few years, make this sparkling new facility all but forgotten. Within 8 years, beautiful new Seahawk Stadium had completed its lifecycle for good only to be destroyed before ever fully reaching its potential. In that 8 years however, the Port Arthur Sea Hawks as well as other Minor League franchises would bring exciting baseball to this border town of Texas and Louisiana. In fact, this town would be the only Texas town to serve in the Bayou based Evangeline League. First however, the all new "Port Arthur Sea Hawks or Seahawks" would be called upon to serve in the Gulf Coast League… a short lived Class B Minor League system that served the Western Louisiana / Southeast Texas and lower Houston area. The Gulf Coast League would carry no affiliations in its 4 year existence from 1950 until 1953 as all teams played as "co-op's". The Port Arthur Sea Hawks would begin their short lived careers here at their new yet not quite finished Seahawks Stadium on opening day in 1950 to a very enthusiastic crowd.