Wahconah Park
Pittsfield Massachusetts
Since: 2012

Leary Field
Portsmouth New Hampshire
Since: 2011
Holman Stadium
Nashua New Hampshire
Since: 2011

Fraser Field
Lynn Massachusetts
Since: 2012

Fussenich Park
Torrington Connecticut
Since: 2011
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The FCBL is a relatively new Collegiate Summer League based out of the New England region. The FCBL began in 2011, with just 4 teams but has since swelled to 10. Several of the NECBL's larger  franchises have umped ship to this newer league in recent years. The Future's League utilizes everything from simple ballfields (like Wachusett) to former Red Sox Minor League facilities like Bristol, Lynn and Nashua and former Can-Am League parks like Broxton and Worchester.
Muzzy Field
Bristol Connecticut
Since: 2015
Brockton ROX

Campanelli Stadium
Borckton Mass.
Since: 2012
Martha's Vineyard SHARKS

The Shark Tank
Martha's Vinyard Mass.
Since: 2014

Doyle Field
Leominster Mass.
Since: 2012

Fitton Field
Worcester Mass.
Since: 2014
Former Franchises / Ballparks taken out of service in the FCBLL

The Ballpark @ Old Orchard
Old Orchard Raging Tide