From 2012 til 2013, the Freedom Pro Baseball League attempted to bring a full mid-summer independent league to the under-utilized Spring Training ballparks of Arizona (and Prescott's Roughrider Park in Yavapai College). When the 4 team league first began 2012, Peoria's Baseball Complex (Spring Training Home of the Mariners and Padres), would be home to two of the four franchises... each playing when the other was on the road. After two seasons the league fell apart... mainly because of the FPBL's inability to expand into Tucson's former Spring Training stadium, Kino Park in Tucson. Some of this had to do with the uncertainty surrounding the San Diego Padres' Triple-A franchise... that was hoping to be able to move into their brand new Southwest University Park in El Paso for the upcoming season. Some of it had to do with the stadium's reluctance to allow anything less than a Triple-A franchise to take over the ballpark, which of course wasn't going happen anytime soon.

Goodyear Stadium
Goodyear Centennials (2013)
Scottsdale Stadium II
Arizona Centennials (2012)
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Phoenix Municipal Stadium II
Phoenix Prospectors (start-2013)
Peoria Baseball Complex
Copper State Prospectors (2012)
Senoran Explorers (2012)
Peoria Explorers (2013)

Roughrider Park @ Yavapi College
Montezuma Federals (2012)
Prescot Montezuma Federals (2013)

Surprise Stadium
Intended future expansion - Never Utilized (2014)
Salt River Field @ Talking Sitck
Intended future expansion - Never Utilized (2014)

Tucson Electric (Kino Park)
Intended future stadium - Unable to obtain lease (2014)
Camelback Ranch
Phoenix Prospectors (mid-2013)
Intended for play 2014 - League folded before expansion was completed