Long before the Toronto Blue Jays made their mark in Major League Baseball, the Toronto Maple Leafs were a mainstay in the Triple-A International League... playing from before the turn of the century until 1967. Maple Leaf Stadium was built in 1926, replacing Hanlan Point Stadium... a ballpark/amusement park located on Hanlan's Island. Though the ballparks were located in two completely different locations, Maple Leaf Stadium looked very much like Hanlan Point Stadium in design and architecture. The creation of this ballpark in 1926, may have had more to do with the Baltimore Orioles rather than the Toronto Maple Leafs, as Toronto had a string of terrific ball teams throughout the early 1920's including one of the Top 100 teams of all time. The then Triple-A Baltimore Orioles however... kept Toronto from ever reaching 1st place no matter how well the Maple Leafs played, over a period of 7 straight seasons. In fact, in 6 of those 7 seasons, the Orioles fielded a team that ranked in the Top 100 franchises in the history of Minor League Baseball, frustrating the excellent Toronto Maple Leafs and their front office to no end. Many believe that Lou Solman moved the Maple Leafs to this new ballpark to "change their luck" as much as anything else. Once they moved here for good in 1926, the Triple-A Maple Leafs would remain in this ballpark throughout the rest of their history until the franchise ceased operations in 1967.