7.As 10,000 fans descended upon the ballpark on that grand opening day... Julius Caesar himself may have been declared as a baseball fan. With the word Cincinnati emblazoned upon the great facade and the luxury boxes (called "Fashion Boxes") bowing out in circular bows surrounding the stadium's 2nd deck, there was nothing like this ever seen in the history of baseball or any other sport for that matter since ancient Rome. It was truly a spectacle... and some fans probably wondered whether they were there to see to jousting gladiators or a ballgame. The owners proudly exclaimed it as the "Palace of the Fans" and the fans... well they called it League Park III. They enjoyed the spectacle but... (depending on their social and economic status) probably saw it more as an elaborate side show carnival rather than the ultimate baseball park... especially those who couldn't afford to be in the fancier middle deck. The wealthy very much enjoyed the luxuriousness of new "Fashion Boxes" while the blue collar thought of the ballpark as we would an Atlantic City Trump Casino with a bit too much glitter). The elite and newspapers and the advertising exclaimed it as "The Palace of the Fans". The rest called it League Park III. Either way, for the next decade... this was the home of Cincinnati Reds Professional baseball.