The South Coast League was started in 2007 by former members of the front office of the Salem Avalanche ... Jamie Toole and Chris Allen. The idea was to bring back quality independent baseball to the Georgia/South Carolina/Florida media markets that had been ignored for a time. Though the team operated in the red throughout the entire season, the league seemed relatively successful. The Bradenton Juice were the only team which struggled, getting kicked out of their stadium after a few games... spending the rest of the season on the road. The rest of the league drew pretty well however. Sadly the league folded after the playoffs and never was able to re-organize after its one and only season.
Roberto Hernandez Field
Aiken South Carolina
Anderson Memorial Stadium / Legion Field
Anderson South Carolina
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Bradenton JUICE

Robert C. Wynn Field
Bradenton Florida
Luther Williams Stadium
Macon Georgia
Paul Eames Stadium
Albany Georgia
Charlotte County Stadium
Port Charlotte Florida