The Bisons were one of the founding members of the International League when it was formed as a Triple-A (Class AA) organization in 1902 making it with the American Association and the Pacific Coast League... the highest ranking leagues in the nation. (Though it was known during these early times as the Eastern League... not to be confused with today's Double-A Eastern League). The Bisons however had been a part of the International League (and the International Association) well before they became an "official" Minor League Class AA system back in the late 1800's at this ballpark. Some of these early 1900's Buffalo Bisons franchises did as well if not better than many Major League teams, attracting as much as 258,769 fans in that first full year in the now "official International League" of 1902 (which was of course really the Eastern League) to this little wooden ballpark. Art McCabe joined the team in 1911 and "knocked the cover off the ball"... quite literally. During batting practice the "Buffalo Bison" hit the ball so hard that it disintegrated. McCabe's folklore would be re-explored when Roy Hobbs would do the same thing in the movie The Natural which (following the storyline) would be shot right here in Buffalo (but at the Bisons' War Memorial Stadium as by then, the ballparks of Michigan and Ferry Street would be demolished).