When we think of the "Baltimore Orioles", our first thought is of the franchise that began as the St. Louis Browns (from Sportsman's Park)...  who made their way to Baltimore's Memorial Stadium in 1954 to become the "American League version" of the Baltimore Orioles that we know of today. From Frank Robinson to Brooks Robinson... from Jim Palmer to Eddie Murray to Cal Ripken Jr., the Baltimore Orioles have a tremendous history for a franchise that began in the mid-1950's. The Baltimore Orioles however did not really begin in the 1950's and today's Baltimore Orioles are not the first but the second, American League team to bear that name and the forth Major League team overall. The New York Yankees in fact, began their history as the Baltimore Orioles playing here at this old Oriole Park IV until 1903 (which we will get into more detail of in the next few pages) before moving off to Harlem. In fact, there have been so many different incarnations of the Baltimore Orioles, (all of which had nothing to do with the teams that came before it or after it), that it is quite tedious trying to follow which version was which. Most of the time, when a team made a major change in their league or status, it co-insided with a name change as well. In Baltimore however, except for the Baltimore Terrapins franchise which came in during the 1914-1915 seasons... nearly team that has played in the Charm City has been known as the Orioles, which makes this all quite hard to follow. So here is a brief synopsis, and do try to keep up: The first professional "Minor League" Baltimore Orioles franchises came in the 1880's. They were followed up by the franchise which would play in the "Major League version" of the American Association when the AA was classified as a Major League. Then there was the National League version of the Baltimore Orioles which played for 7 years in the latter part of the 1890s at Union Park; then another new Orioles team would play here at this stadium in the newly formed American League before moving to New York to become the Yankees; then there was the International League Minor League Orioles (who also played here at Oriole Park IV) which followed the loss of the previous Major League Orioles to New York City; then there was the Baltimore Terrapins which forced that former Minor League Orioles franchise to move to Richmond Virginia. By 1916 however, the Terrapins were gone and yet another all new version of the Minor League Baltimore Orioles (coming in from Jersey City this time) were back at Oriole Park V, but again... were completely unrelated to any previous incarnation of the Orioles that came before it; then finally when the St. Louis Browns moved to Memorial Stadium in 1954, we get to the Baltimore Orioles of today. The Minor League version of the Baltimore Orioles that had been playing here before the Major League Orioles took over would move to Richmond Virginia (again) upon the Browns move to Baltimore. So there... you are now fully enlightened. So happy to have been able to clear that all up for you.